2005-2006 ETchells WA State Championship

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

4 — 6 March 2006

Race 1

1.AUS 866 (Murray Smith)

2.Rhapsody in Blue (Rob Bird)

3.Tuscany (Peter McLachlan)

Race 2

1.Two Palms and a Hammock (Peter Chappell)

2.Liquidity (Dirk van der Struyf)

3.Abracadabra (Gordon Lucas)

Race 3

1.Screaming Plum (Doug Kerr)

2.AUS 866 (Murray Smith)

3.Dragon Lady (Bill Steele)

Race 4

Etusk (Gary Smith)

2.The Rat (Grantham Kitto)

3.Daylight Robbery (Alastair McMichael)

Race 5

1.The Power and the Passion (Gordon Blaauw)

2.Highlander (Michael Manford)

3.Rhapsody in Blue (Rob Bird)

Race 6

1.Bandwagon (Skip Lissiman)

2.Upbeat (Peter Godley)

3.Rhapsody in Blue (Rob Bird)

Overall 2006 Etchells State Championship

1. Rhapsody in Blue (Rob Bird)

2.Abracadabra (Gordon Lucas)

3. AUS 866 (Murray Smith)